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January 25, 2007

Tomorrow I have a difficult exam :(

My sister told me now that when you have exam, in two occasions you are completely relaxed and not nervous:first when you know everything, and second when you know nothing.

I am very relaxed now.
Of course, the first condition doesn't suit me tonight !

January 12, 2007

There are some moments in life like this present moment. I’m in the university; in the computer room. Other people are also here, checking their emails or whatever. And I just feel like I’m falling without knowing the reason. I don’t like this especial feeling. To do a rational fall, you always need to be somewhere higher than at least your height.

I miss climbing mountains more than anything, there you can find enough space which gives you a logical reason to fall. However, it’s funny that I don’t like to fall when I climb. I just want to go up and up, not to reach the peak but to keep aloof as much as I could from that bellow.

I miss mountains.

January 10, 2007

word of the day

rhinoceros or rhino:

a large, heavy, thick-skinned animal of Africa or Asia, with either one or two horns on its head.


January 09, 2007

Stewart Selman's diary

For one of my courses I needed an audio file,therefore I googled the keywords and I found this story which is really sad.It's the story of Stewart Selman , a 48-year-old man who was told he had a brain tumor. Selman began an audio diary to leave a record for his wife, Rebecca and their children.

This is full of sorrow and without sentimental unrealistic romance. But you feel Rebecca's love through her voice and it's so sad and it makes you cry.

I cried.